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Booty Bundle 1

Booty Bundle 1

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Barbell pads sit in the middle of the bar and offer protection and comfort when we have heavy load in contact with our body for an exercise. A great example of where these are useful is while performing a barbell hip thrust. A bar pad would sit over the bar and over our hips to offer protection while performing the exercise. A barbell pad would provide further comfort to allow you to lift heavier.

Adjustable resistance bands are versatile making them convenient. They provide the benefits of resistance bands all in one band, as the length of the band can easily be adjusted which alters the intensity. The advantage of these bands is that they don’t take up as much storage space and offer different lengths and intensities in one product.

Ankle straps wrap around your ankle and can be attached to a cable pulley to perform various exercises. They usually come in pairs but can be used alone for single leg movements.

Some examples of exercises you would use these for include:

  • Cable Kickbacks
  • Lateral kicks
  • Other glute based exercises
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