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Chainless Weight Belt

Regular price $69.99 AUD
Regular price $89.99 AUD Sale price $69.99 AUD
  • 3 Carabiners - For a more secure attachment of the weight.
  • Fabric Chain- Adjustable in length, Light, Portable (can easily fit into your gym bag), Quiet in use.
  • Strong- Can support up to 350kgs in weight.
  • Soft Material- Comfortable to wear. Say goodbye to those pinches and scrapes.
  • Rings Covered- Say goodbye to the holes in your clothing as the rings are covered with fabric.
  • No Backpad - By removing the load on the centre of the lower back it has been shown to reduce back pain.
Weighted pull-ups, dips, bench squats, cable squats, Weighted calf raise, weighted hangs and much more.
This is the Ultimate Weightlifting Belt for Athletes. This belt is designed specifically for weightlifting, calisthenics , bodybuilding and strength. The metal rings are covered with fabric for added convenience and reduced risk of snagging on clothing. Being able to lift a load of 350kg, this belt is ultra-lightweight and won't weigh you down during your sets. The back pad that can cause irritation has been removed for added comfort. The belt is made from a soft, yet durable material that sits comfortably on the hips. The adjustable fabric chain, can be lengthened for dips and pull-ups or shortened for muscle-ups. Plus, the chain is designed to minimise noise if dropped. It easily accommodates 30mm and 50mm plates. Take your training to the next level with this belt.