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Premium Power Lifting Belt

Premium Power Lifting Belt

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A lifting belt is a very important piece of equipment.  Some of their benefits include, reducing stress on the lower back, helping to activate your core whilst lifting and providing overall strength. They are great for compound movements and will give you all the stability needed on all your big lifts.
Looking for quality, look no further. This belt is 13mm thick, 10cm wide and is made with premium quality.



  • 10cm wide & 13mm thick
  • Choose your lever

Small:  89cm

Medium: 99cm

Large: 110cm

XLarge: 119cm


Follow this guide to help measure for your belt:

  •  Start by measuring firmly around your torso, just above your navel.
  • Everyone is different and where each person wears their belt varies. If you know where you like wearing your belt then measure firmly around that point.
  • Sometimes smaller males & females may need to lift the position of where the belt is worn to avoid the belt from digging in. In this case, find the halfway point between your rib-cage and the top of your hips.
  • The sizes in the belts overlap. Therefore it is advised that you choose a size according to your goal. For examples, if you are intending on dropping weight then it is suggested you choose the smaller belt, and if you are looking to grow in size then the larger belt size would be best.
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